Job Interview

Sometimes we are very happy after giving an interview. Because you think that you have answered all the questions correctly but you don’t even know that you have made some mistakes during the interview which made the interviewer not satisfied with you.

Do not be too hasty/ too relaxed during the interview

You may not have arrived on time for the interview. If you’ll be late for the interview, it’s crucial to call and inform or, if possible, request to reschedule for the next day.

When you are asked about the job, you should say that you believe that you will learn a lot after getting the job and that it will benefit the company concerned. Also, when asking for salary expectations, what is the market salary for the position you have applied for? You need to know this properly. Unless you have extra points, don’t ask for a higher salary, as this can also create a false impression of you.

Before going for the interview, get a thorough understanding of the company, the position you are interviewing for and everything else. What is the turnover of the company?

What is the position of their product in the market? You need to have the right kind of information about etc. You can get this kind of information from anyone in the company through discussion.

In such a case, you should sit down after your talk while discussing. Because your constant talking can also become a headache for the other person. When you are interviewing for a position, listen carefully to what other people are saying. Only then should you start answering.

Often people are attracted to a woman’s beauty or charm. But sometimes being too charming or too smart can also lead to negative opinions about you. On the contrary, being too polite can also be dangerous for you. How many awards did you receive for openness during the interview? Or have received honours?

What jobs have you done? Tell about etc. Because in that case, you need to strengthen your side. After the interview, you should thank the interviewer and leave.

It will make a good impression on you. A few days after the interview you may call to inquire about the decision. But don’t call for it frequently. Also, even if you are not selected, thank the company for inviting you for the interview.

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