Explore the history and significance of The French lettering company Letraset’s dry transfers. Learn how Letraset revolutionized the world of design and lettering, and discover fascinating insights about their iconic products.

The French Lettering Company Letraset Manufactured a Set of Dry

In the world of design and typography, one name stands out prominently – The French lettering company Letraset. The mere mention of Letraset invokes a sense of nostalgia for graphic designers and artists alike. This article delves into the fascinating history and significance of the company’s dry transfers, shedding light on the impact it had on the world of design and lettering.


Letraset, a name synonymous with creativity and innovation, played a pivotal role in graphic design. This article is a journey through the legacy of this remarkable company, revealing the story behind the legendary dry transfer sheets.


The Birth of Letraset

Letraset was founded in London in the late 1950s. The company’s mission was clear – to provide designers with a revolutionary tool to make their work more efficient and visually appealing. And that tool was the dry transfer sheet.

The French Lettering Company’s Vision

Letraset envisioned a world where designers could easily apply typefaces, graphics, and symbols to their projects without the mess and limitations of wet ink. They set out to make this vision a reality.

The First Dry Transfers

The first dry transfer sheets produced by Letraset were a game-changer. Designers could now effortlessly transfer letters and images onto various surfaces, giving them unparalleled creative freedom.

Letraset’s Impact on Design

Letraset’s contributions to the world of design were nothing short of transformative. Let’s explore some of the ways this French lettering company revolutionized the industry.

Versatility and Efficiency

Letraset’s dry transfers allowed for greater versatility in design projects. From print materials to packaging and signage, designers had a versatile tool at their disposal. This significantly increased efficiency in design processes.

Accessibility to All

One of the most remarkable aspects of Letraset’s dry transfers was their accessibility. Designers of all levels of expertise could use these sheets. It democratized the design world, giving aspiring artists and seasoned professionals the same tools.

Iconic Fonts

Letraset is also known for introducing iconic fonts to the design world. Their typefaces became legendary, with designers across the globe using them to create visually stunning pieces of art.

Letraset’s Enduring Legacy

While Letraset’s dry transfers became a staple in the design world, the company’s legacy extends beyond their products. Let’s delve into the enduring impact of this remarkable French lettering company.

Design Nostalgia

Even in the digital age, Letraset’s dry transfers evoke nostalgia among designers who once relied on them. The distinct feel of applying the letters and images is a memory cherished by many.

Influence on Modern Design

Letraset’s influence is still visible in modern design. The spirit of creativity and innovation they embodied continues to inspire contemporary designers.


Q: What made Letraset’s dry transfers so special?

A: Letraset’s dry transfers were special because they offered designers a clean and efficient way to apply typefaces and graphics to their projects. They were versatile and accessible, making them a beloved tool in the design world.

Q: Did Letraset only manufacture dry transfers?

A: While Letraset is most renowned for its dry transfers, they also produced a wide range of design materials, including iconic fonts that are still used today.

Q: What was the significance of Letraset in the design world?

A: Letraset was highly significant in the design world. They democratized design by making professional-quality tools accessible to all. Their products and fonts became iconic in the industry.

Q: How did Letraset influence modern design?

A: Letraset’s spirit of creativity and innovation continues to influence modern design. Their legacy is still visible in the design choices made by artists and graphic designers.

Q: Can I still purchase Letraset dry transfers today?

A: Letraset dry transfers are no longer in production. However, collectors and enthusiasts may find vintage sheets available for sale.

Q: What happened to Letraset as a company?

A: Letraset went through various changes and acquisitions over the years. It eventually became part of the Esselte Corporation, and its products evolved with changing design technologies.


The French lettering company Letraset manufactured a set of dry transfers that left an indelible mark on the world of design. Their innovative approach and commitment to providing designers with efficient, versatile tools revolutionized the industry. Letraset’s legacy lives on, inspiring designers and reminding us of the power of creativity and innovation in the design world.


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